26 May 2009

Green Sapote 2009

I planted a Green Sapote (Pouteria viridis) in 2005. The tree did blossom during late-2008 (along with a Yellow Sapote tree which is nearby) but no fruit held as the tree was infested with ants. Earlier this year many new blossoms appeared and now several fruit have held. The Sapote-named "family" is quite varied and includes un-related fruit like the Black Sapote (more of a tropical persimmon) and the White Sapote (a citrus relative) plus more related ones such as the Mamey Sapote, Yellow Sapote (eggfruit, canistel) and the Naseberry (Sapodilla).

7 May 2009

New Australians 2009 (Macademia and Burdekin)

Burdekin Plums and Macademia Nuts have finally arrived at Plantation House. Both trees were planted in the early 1990s as part of my first wave of developing my garden. Until April 2009 we got no fruit but both trees are now bearing and the Plum (Australian "bush tukka")is heavily laden. For many years, Macademia nuts were promoted as Hawaiian but they really originated in Australia, please welcome the 2 new Australians at Plantation House.

5 May 2009

White Sapote 2009

I planted a White Sapoote Tree in 1995 in my east yard and nothing happened until this April. The tree grew prolifically over the years but I kept pruning to check its growth as it is located between Keitt Mango and Nam Doc Mango trees, and acts as shade for some young coffee trees. The tree (now about 20 foot tall, after major Hurrican Ivan damage in 2004) is now filled with fruit (possibly over 200) and all are doing extremely well. Never really expected success with this one (more of a sub-tropical/temperate fruit) although I have succesfully fruited Black Sapote (more of a tropical persimmon) for several years in my front yard. Peaches first and now White Sapote, it is truly been an exciting year so far.

Peaches 2009

I planted a Peach Tree in my front yard in early-2006 to replace a Red Ceylon Peach which I had planted since the early-1990's but lost during Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Earlier this year, with the prolonged cooling we had I did some hard pruning, withdrew irrigation and the result was many pink/lilac blossoms during February/March/April. We now have about 30 fruit, approximaely the size of a cherry tomato holding on the tree. Looking forward to tasting in a couple of months.