9 Apr 2008

April 2008 Breakfast

My breakfast this morning was a mixture of tree-picked East Indian Mangos chased with me munching my way though freshly-pulled 'French Breakfast' Radishes and 'Chantenay' Carrots. Sounds like a crazy combination but all of this is possible here in Cayman. My toddler daughter(last) did'nt like the radishes though (maybe the underlying peppery taste) but instead opted for a "Cayman Brac" naseberry (sapodilla, nispero).

She is 1 1/2 years old and the other morning she was eating a "June Plum" or (Ambarella/Golden Apple/Tahitian Quince/Pomme cythere) and I offered her a piece of mango to which she promptly dropped the June Plum and kicked it away from her feet (with her little boots) and took the mango, and in one motion it went from my hand to her mouth - I smiled to myself and thought 'even the little ones know the difference'. PS. not saying that a June Plum is not a nice fuit to some but probably not in the same league as a fresh mango!!

We did about 400 new plantings of Okra and Cucumber on the weekend and about 2,000 square feet of 2 corn varieties from New Zealand, for testing. Got some rain recently - very encouraging as it heats up - rains which we hope will continue.

Breadfruit, Bottlers, and Papaya are starting to mature now at Plantation House so these will also be available at the Saturday mornings Farmers Market at The Grounds under the Stacey Watler Agricultural Pavilion in Lower Valley - in addition to passion fruit, cucumber, eggplant, june plum, guava, carrot, hot pepper, relish/season pepper, sweet pepper, and radish.

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