13 Feb 2008

Spring 2008

Yes, that is Cayman spring is here and many trees are starting to "green up". Just harvested my compost piles which have been developing over the last year or so - this is really beautiful stuff that adds so much to the poor soils we have in most of these Islands.

Most types of mango (including Lancetilla, Nam Doc Mai, Edwards, Jakarta, Julie, Graham, Cogshall-first time, Golden Nugget-first time, Carrie and Keitt) have already blossomed and holding fruit at Plantation House.

There are also still many types of fresh and organically-grown tomato (many types), 4 types of eggplant (aubergine), cucumber and various sweet peppers from our winter plantings available at the saturday morning's Farmers Market at The Grounds, as are passion fruit, papaya, guavas, custard apples and ju (coolie) plums, which are all in-season at the moment.

Our hot expressos and cafe con leche can also be had at the Farmers Market - No, not Cayman-grown Coffee just yet but very soon, in the meantime your choice is either Cuban or Brazilian!!

Just around the corner (in about 2-4 weeks) we will have breadfruit, red java apples and ripe bananas. As usual, many types of fruit, nut, spice, vegetable and ornamental plants are also available at the Farmers Market at The Grounds.

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