4 Nov 2009

October/November 2009 Plantings

The October/November rains are here and our vegetable plantings for the "cooler growing season" are now in. This year, we planted our usual beds of carrot, radish, beetroot, turnip, leeks, parsnip, spinach, kohlrabi, Florence fennel, chinese cabbage and pak choi. Cucumber, eggplant, spring onion/scallion, watermelon, pumpkin, sweet basil, rosemary, lemon grass and okra continue to be harvested from our summer plantings. All of our tomato (many varieties), sweet pepper (3 varieties), watermelon and various salad leaves have been planted out. Some fruits and vegetables continue to also be harvested including cucumber, eggplant, spring onion, breadfruit, watermelon, pumpkin, papaya, june plum (golden apple, pomme cythere), bilimbi, chella mella, and ju plum.