24 Apr 2008

Plantation House Ecotourism Site

Plantation House Ecotourism Site is located on 2 acres of land in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The Site is a working small farm, agritourism site and residence specialising in the limited-scale growing of tropical and sub-tropical fruits, nuts, spices, vegetables, medicinal and ornamental plants, and their products.

All of the traditional Caribbean plantation crops such as sugarcane, coffee, cacao, tobacco and pineapples are grown alongside newer crops such as atemoya, dragon fruit, santol and jaboticaba. Agro-tourism visitors and locals are able to easily view these crops and learn much about growing their own within limited spaces.

The Site also has a small waterfall, stream and pool combination, a seperate reflection pool, and a fresh-water fish pond. There are many species of birds (including chickens) and the occasional agouti or iguana roaming in their natural habitat.

The Garden Shop (opening November 2010) will offer fresh juices and food, preserves, teas and coffees and there are several garden structures such as gazebos and stone terraces that offer quiet places to sit and enjoy.

Plantation House Nursery is also located on the Site and has plants for sale in pot sizes ranging from 1/2 gallons to 15 gallons, as well as seeds and cuttings. Visit us at Plantataion House Ecotourism Site from November 2008 onwards and enjoy a bit of the old Caribbean way of life.

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